Self-flowing pipes in standard execution are made of a leaf 2 mm thick with a diameter of 150,160,200,300 mm. By your order we can produced pipes, self-flowing from sheet 3,4 or 6 mm.

Valve cross over(reversing) two and three-position manual control as standard available in diameters 150,160,200,300 mm.

Under the order, reversing valve can be equipped with an electric drive.

Valve reversing 160
Valve reversing 200
Valve reversing 300

Connectors rotary

Connectors rotary used when installing gravity flow to provide the necessary angle of rotation the grain pipes, used as knee.

Connector tunning СП-80 ЭМ 0826.21.000:

Connector tunning СП-80 ЭМ 0826.21.000