"Plant agro-technologies" offers a full range of design, production and installation of equipment for the storage and processing of grain. At your service:

  • Building, construction, reconstruction of facilities for the cleaning of grain – “ЗАВ”, “КЗС”.
    – Complexes of grain cleaning “ЗАВ” designed for preliminary and primary treatment of grain from small and large impurities. Can be equipped triremes, “БЦС”, “БСХ”, mechanisms “САД”, “Алмаз”, “Петкус” e.c.
    – Complexes of grain cleaning and drying “КЗС” used for cleaning and drying grain. They can be equipped with a variety of grain cleaning machines and dryers of our own production.
  • Repair and restoration of dryers “СЗШ-8”, “СЗШ-16” e.c.
  • Translation of any dryer heating oil – heating oil cost half the cost of diesel fuel, heat dissipation by 10% higher.
  • Translation dryers to work with wood, sawdust, husks, etc.